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 During your visit in our beautiful island of Crete we invite you to have an authentic experience that will leave you a lasting impression. Our tours are tailor made with authentic activities that will let you discover the best of Crete while avoiding crowded touristy places.

Every destination in Crete has a story to tell, so real Cretan resources are abundant and offered to you generously if you wish to seek the Authentic.

Olive Harvesting: Late Fall to early winter is the time that olives are harvested and transferred to the oil-press where oil, this Greek treasure, is produced.  You are also welcomed to participate in this procedure of gathering the olives to a friendly locals’ olive grove where he will share with you the secrets of quality olive oil.  

Pottery: Visit a pottery workshop where you will be introduced to the procedure of creating a ceramic piece. This is a hands on and fun experience for all family.

Tsikoudia – Raki : A famous local drink! You will probably taste it numerous times during your holidays in Crete, as it is a local treat! We invite you to a distillery where you will see for yourself how tsikoudia is produced.  (Availability upon request).

Cheese making:  This is indeed something you should experience! A visit to a local cheese making workshop will be scheduled and you will see, taste and smell how fresh and high quality cheese is produced. A unique and unforgettable experience!

Picking Oranges: The exhilarating fragrance of the oranges it is sure to drift you away! A local farmer will welcome you in his orange grove explaining the variations of oranges. You will be also participating in picking oranges  and of course tasting a freshly squeezed orange juice!

You can stay assured that all elements of the events/tours you participate are real and authentic, giving you the knowledge of the local surroundings.

A Day in a Local Farm: A back to the nature tour! We visit a local farm where everyone will have the chance to plant a vegie! A tomato plant, zucchini, eggplant, cabbage or broccoli! Depending on the time of year we will be shown the procedure of planting, feeding animals, gathering eggs! A delicious Cretan lunch will be prepared and enjoyed after the hard work, as it is done everywhere in Crete. This is where the Authentic Cretan hospitality lives.