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Words fail to describe the real beauty of nature in Chania. No matter how many descriptions have been written referring to gorges, open air fields, mountains, hospitality, Mediterranean gastronomy and the list goes far. 
Our advice is one and only: visit Chania and experience by yourself. Live the beauty, taste the food, climb or walk on the mountains, swim into the sapphire,   crystal clear sea, sunbathe under the azure sky and feel happy,  sure you will carry with you the unique experience of an unforgettable holiday!

Gorges in Chania

The prefecture of Chania has about sixty canyons (gorges). Most of them are to be found in the area of  Sfakia, which are also the most  imposing and rugged. The flora in large varieties, considered unique. Following we will mention some of them.

Samaria Gorge
No doubt, the gorge of Samaria is the most famous and the most impressive natural monument in the territory of Chania. This gorge is 16 km. long and the width varies from 3,5 m. to 150m. The crossing takes 5- 6h and is permitted from May to October. Its vertical inner walls to some places are up to 500m height, appearing impressive formations of layered limestone. The beautiful flora includes many rare herbs and some special pines and other trees, not excluding some local fauna.

Gorge of Agia Irene
It is in the territory of Selinos  It is 17,5 km, long its vertical walls are 500m high and its main characteristic is the dense and rich plantation and flora.

The gorge of Imvros
It is the second most popular gorge on Crete after Samaria.
The walk is not particularly strenuous and can be completed in 2-3 hours. The scenery is beautiful and the relative easiness of the hike makes it an ideal walk for families with children.
It is a very narrow gorge. It is as narrow as 1,5 m, wide in some points with vertical walls up to 300m.
The Topolian gorge
The Topolian gorge is magnificent and wild. It is famous for its a special echo. It is 1.500m. long with vertical walls 300m high with deep cavities, its width varies from  5 to 500m. The gorge is crossed by river Tyflos
The gorge of Aradena
This magnificent gorge is in some points dangerous to cross for that reason you have to take several precautions before you decide to do so. A special guide is recommended. It starts from the village of Aradena where there is a path and it takes 7 hours to reach the southern sea of Marmara , some special gear is needed ask for advice before you take up the crossing. The 138 meter deep gorge is ideal not only for sightseeing or hiking but for bunjee jumping as well
Eligia Gorge
The path requires experienced guide. It starts from the Kallergi shelter and you need five hours to the area called Potamos. There is a vertical cliff and ropes are needed to descend. Another  three and a half hours hike is needed to exit to the Libyan Sea. There is also the possibility to hike a small part of it, starting from the village of Agios Ioannis Sfakia hiking a-half hour, to the entrance of Kormokopo cave. From there it goes down into the gorge walking a total of two hours to come back to the shore. In another hour you reach Agia Roumeli.

There are also smaller gorges, some of them extremely steep,
Sfakochono,Rechtes,Vertigo or Kavi, Papa Lagos Sfakiano or Vartholomatos, Kallikratis, Sfangofarango, Argoules Canyon, Therissos gorge and more.


Lake of Kournas
Near the borders between Chania and Rethymno the Lake of Kournas spreads its mirror like surface, 20 meters higher of the sea level with a circumference of about 3,5 klm.  and major depth of 23 meters. Flax trees and other local species of bushes thrive along the shores giving a panorama of blossoms during spring and summertime. surrounded by a  backdrop of  mountains mirrored into the calm waters of the lake, this spectacular view creates a magic sense of deeper waters . On this phenomenal impression a legend has been created that the lake of Kournas is fathomless. It’s worth visiting!

Lake of Agia
Lake of Agia spreads near the main road and in Spring time is the ideal place for rare birds and flora to thrive and of course for all nature amateurs to visit. Although is an artificial lake it has been  developed into a very important hydrobiological place for the rare fauna and flora of the territory.