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Water Sports

We know that the heavenly blue water of the Greek seas is one of the main reasons that appealed to you and decided to visit our beautiful island of Crete.

Apart from endless hours on the comfortable chairs though, we are sure you would love to get involved to the many activities offered in the sea.

Surfing : A well known sport offering excitement and fun while riding the waves with a surfboard. Even if you haven’t tried surfing before, we encourage you to try it as the instructors will be by your side to share with you their knowledge and help you out in your first attempt. We are sure you will love it.  

You have experienced surfing before and you wish to surf on your own? Surf equipment are also available for rent! So just contact us!

Kite Surfing: Excitement to its peak! Take a course or rent equipment with the help of the instructor. Special kites for all styles are available as well as kites for beginners.  Take the chance and give it a try!

Sup or Stand up Paddle Board: A fast growing sea sport for everyone. Perfect for families too! Ideal for those wishing to enjoy the calm waters of the sea by paddling across a small bay, take a dive from the board and swim farther from a crowded beach.

Windsurfing:  For all abilities and ages, from beginners to experts windsurfing is a thrilling sport! Elafonisi is one of the best spots for windsurfing during summer and you are all welcomed to try and practice! Let us take you there!