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Sailing & Motor Yacht Cruises

Sail in the amazing blue waters of the Cretan Sea!

Whether you have experience in sailing or not we assure you will have the best time of your vacation during a sailing cruise!

Our skippers are ready to take you in an unforgetable experience and share with you the secrets or the Cretan Sea. Professional, friendly, knowing the sea like the palm of their hands..

Daily cruises

Maherida-Thodorou Island-Lazaretta Islet

We embark from the Chania Old Harbour at 10.00 am and reach the small beach of Maherida,with its crystal clear waters, in around an hour. You can swim and go snorkelling admiring the undersea beauty. This tiny little shore, hidden from the wind and untouched by man, reminds us of the sheer Cretan seashore beauty.

With the northern wind blowing in our sails we can head towards the beautiful island of Thodorou. During that stop the captain will be preparing a light snack that will be savoured with wine under the shade of the boat shade-tent.

Our next stop is the small island of Lazaretta. Apart from the beautiful underwater view, it is worth swimming all the way to the small coral sandy beach of the island.

We take our way back at 5p.m. Even the way back offers a unique and picturesque view of the Chania old harbour. Our journey ends with a panoramic observation of the harbour and the venetian buildings bathed in the warmth of the afternoon light.

Should you feel more comfortable the same cruise can be also realized with a motor yacht.

Multi day cruises are also available experiencing the luxury of a bigger sailing boat or motor yacht where you can visit more of the amazing islands of the Aegean Sea like Santorini, Milos or the wonderful and well known beaches of South Crete.

Just make your dream known to us and we will be At Your Service Today doing our best to make it happen!