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Chef & Cooking Mommy Service

Dive into the Cretan “Degustation”

Let’s visualize of a Greek soiree at the ease of your villa by the pool! What if the sumptuous aroma of basil, or mountain oregano its Excellency prevail in the air preparing your senses before the presentation of the first course?

One of the greatest attractions when visiting Crete is the gastronomic experience. Nevertheless famous Cretan cuisine can be one unforgettable experience when leaving the Island.

We, At Your ServiceToday, we know how to provide not only with an excellent and cosmopolitan Chef but also with ready to be served meals of any number of courses delivered to your residence tailored right for your needs.

Cooking Mommy Service -  One of the most loved services!

Traditional Cretan dishes are prepared for you to enjoy in the kitchen of your villa! A menu will be prearranged and agreed with you according to your dietary preferences.

Our "cooking Mommy" will shop and cook for you and your loved ones to enjoy mouthwatering meals and deserts. We are certain that this would be the most tasteful experience you will ever have!

All incredients will be fresh and of high quality, most vegetables handpicked from local farms which will naturally determine the delicious meals!

Some of the traditional Cretan dishes you should consider tasting while in Crete are:

  • Kalitsounia (either filled with herbs - spinach or cheese or both)
  • Boureki (a vegetarian dish with zucchinis, potatoes and cretan cheese)
  • Gamopilafo (a traditional dish mostly served in Cretan weddings with rice and meat)
  • Apaki (a high quality cold cut made of pork prepared in Crete)
  • Tsigariasto (cooked lamb)
  • Kohlious boubouristous (cooked snails)
  • Lamb with stamnagathi (a locally grown herb)
  • Stuffed vegetables
  • and so much more....

We are certain we inrtigued your interest in tasting all of them!