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Nanny / babysitting services

For the apple of your eyes!

Our children are the most valuable we have.

You want to provide them with the best holiday resort you can afford, with a pool, playground, sandy beaches, but also sometimes you need the absolute relaxation, freedom and peace of mind for yourself. Here we are! Trust us!

We are conscious about your need to leave behind your children without worrying for their well being.

A Group of sensitive, certified, handpicked warm Nannies and babysitters are ready to help your infant or children to enjoy their holidays as they deserve.

Through play, pleasant activities, outings etc, they will keep them happy not only outdoors but even staying in, sharpening their dexterity and skillfulness when their age permits so.

The only thing we expect from you is to provide the information and the time we need to prepare the program properly. Please, contact us ahead