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Bachelor & bachelorette parties

Bachelor & Bachelorette Parties

Decided to take the plunge ha? Our deepest and most sincere congratulations! What better island than Crete to say goodbye to your single life and look forward to having a great family life.

We got your back, weither you are a man or a woman we will plan the best bachelor/bachelorette party on Crete. We always listen before we talk, tell us what you want to experience and he will make it happen, what ever that it is. Don't worry about a thing, someone from our team will be assisting you exclusively day and night, just to make sure that you will never forget that day! From our experience, after this bachelor party you will probably wanna get married more than will definitely seal the deal.

Bachelor or bachelorette party, stag party, buck's night or maanhaar partytjie, we don't really give much attention to how we should call it, because we have one main create an unforgettable experience for you!

At Your Service Today strongly suggests to have a plan for private transportation throughout the night. This will ensure each guest returns home safely.