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Private Jet, Heli & Yacht Charter

Crete has a million places to visit and it is surrounded by hundreds of smaller, picturesque islands which you may wish to visit and know better. In that case, you probably want to avoid queuing and waiting endlessly for tickets and other formalities. Let us know what you would prefer apart from conventional means of transportation.

Helicopters are suggested for quick trips around to keep your privacy and convenience for the whole family, if you prefer to see the world not from a very high altitude.  The ability of a helicopter to carry passengers to even to inaccesible places in less time than other conventional means of transportation makes it very attractive. “At your service today” can make all necessary arrangements for a private tour to distant beaches such as Balos, Gramvousa, Elafonisi creating an ultimate experience for your holidays.

Imagine to anchor in a little, unseen, shimmering heaven with a yacht and enjoy the privacy and the relaxation undisturbed! Yes! Even that is quite accessible, just contact us and we will make it happen. We have the means to fulfill your wish. Even more you can tour all around Crete and approach every harbor for sightseeing or have a brunch or dinner on board. This fantastic escapade would be an unusual experience, easy to assign.